Education of orphans of war and refugee vulnerable youth is one of the ways o wipe up and heal the wounds of the serious odds they ofenly face. The wars uprooted their countries left them in unconceivable losses and they stayed in biggest sorrow and is the reason why YOBC we took on the role of lighting the flame of hope and reconstructing what had been destroyed like the hope of their future life in order to restore hope and rebuild resilient community as hatred people who lived like in the darkness for long (orphan’s life) to have access to normal education is a shield to them. The major project that has brought YOBAC is to contribute towards increasing access to education of orphans’ especially orphans of war at all levels and increasing enrolment rates in schools for all African children. For now YOBAC is supporting one hundred (100) orphans of war who are in government schools with scholastic materials like books, pens and uniforms Hence YOBAC cherish education critically as a means to transform Africa and as a tool to build sustainable development.

Therefore these sense of transformation and sustainability have to be strengthen by a relevant shield that is quality education; Quality education for both gender and promoting lifelong learning. Because obtaining a quality education is the most foundation to improve people’s lives and sustainable as well as to contribute to building of a culture of peace. Due to our vision we need to change our tradition education system to fit the demand of the digital economy. Africa needs to educate the youth who are excited to investigate the biggest issues of its brilliant vision. YOBAC we stand with and we intend to stimulate the leaders and entrepreneurs who are interested to generate the ideas that provide the solutions and outstanding issues to our most challenging community problems. Therefore Africa has great problems confronting our continent: conflicts, climate change, terrorism, lack of education in our communities and entrenched poverty, these problems are complex, interrelated and urgent. These various problems require our continent the wise population and many more skilled youth, youth who are gaining critical skills for solving problems, they require us big thinkers to think deeply and broadly about the wellbeing of the communities an innovators prepared to create positive social change ”this is our philosophy as YOBAC”.