Co-Founder and mobiliser

Born in north kivu, Beni district, Buisegha village. Jean Paul I’m a co-founder of YOBAC working as a mobiliser for YOBAC. Born on 1st may 1990, my father is Karoli Charles and mother Atosa Esther in Democratic Republic of Congo. I fled to Uganda because of political instability in my country. Education back ground in 2004 I got a certificate at Buisegha primary school, 2012 I got a diploma d’Etat at Ruwenzori secondary school after that I decided to help the community in teaching sector in 2012-2013. Mutatunga served in Kyangwali Refugee settlement as a teacher for helping children of war in how to get knowledge at ketomi primary school as also co-founder of that school from 2014-2017. I discovered that is not enough for African community then Jean Paul and other three tried to think that is good to start up YOBAC on 5th may 2016. So that it can help orphans of war in Education and building hope among women survivors of war. And help them to access small business through using micro-credit. Mutatunga has held leadership positions at various levels; I was the head boy at Ruwenzori institute secondary school and also Deputy Head teacher at matolu primary school, while serving at Ketomi primary school, I was senior man teacher, Displinary teacher and Head of welfare department. In 2018 I’m now working with MSF (Medecins Sans Frontiere as an interpreter in Kyangwali Refugee Settlement.