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Founder, External Relations and Executive Director


He was born in Congo(DRC)in 1996, he was with his parents, but in his 5years , war started in his country while they went in different direction and they could not seen each other; Albert grown up as an orphan where he could not find where to stay, what to eat and even he could not go to school, the world became dark for him, life became so miserable, because his light was brown off living in total darkness , but he hunted for the lump in all sides so that he can create light of his future through doing odds jobs of keeping goats for someone, through these petty jobs, he could raise fees for his school to continue searching for the light of his future; this fueled him to read and make extra research ,where he performed better at finishing his primary level where his school granted him the bursary and payed for him ordinary level. After that he have come in top student where their catholic priests rewarded them and among rewards he got there a camera, by there he started to photograph and with the photography he could afford his own life, from 2008 again war ravaged the area where Albert fled from DRC in 2015; after graduating from his senior sis (6) toward Uganda. Many of Abort’s friends have been killed in his home area, his is among the few survivors to reach the refugee camp. To help his brothers and sisters Albert started Youth Organization for Building African community(YOBAC) IN 2016 at the age of 20 by sensitizing, mentoring and inspiriting children and youth orphans of war to go to school to underprivileged orphans of war and Building hope among women survivors of war working with them on business to sustain their families in the camp.